From youth Sri has had a keen interest in art history with a heavy lean towards the masters; Caravagio, Vermeer, Bosch and VanDyke. His obsession with the masters is balanced with a love of pop culture, comics and animation. Whipple says, “In my art I unite the masters’ craft and symbolic narratives with cartoon surrealism and subconscious mysticism to create esoteric metaphors for the modern Man.  My work is “fruit-salady, no-malady, crowned… pound-forpound… raw-shit, new-tit, bit-lip deities filled with bees knees and hair grease, more tools, avoid the fools, keep making jewels.” It’s hard to imagine it all makes it in there, but it does.

Sri’s work can be found in many private collections and has been on display at the Kayo Gallery, Unknown Gallery, Circle Lounge, Utah Arts Festival Gallery and Aphelion Studio.

Sri Whipple was born in Los Angeles, raised in Utah and graduated from the University of Utah with a BFA in fine art, with an emphasis in painting and drawing.