Fine Art Consulting

Brett Wesley Gallery provides service to residential and corporate clients whether you're experienced or just beginning your art collection. If your considering purchasing a single artwork or developing a collection over time, Brett Wesley is a valuable advisor. Through education and exposure to a broad range of artists, galleries, museums, art fairs and events, we can provide clients an insider’s entree to the art world, tailored to their budget and interests.



Review of existing collection and future art collection goals
Evaluation of space appropriate for placement of art
Define aesthetic preferences, budget, and time frame of project
Selection of fine art for purchase from a wide range of source
Selection of artists to be involved in planning and/or creating site-specific artworks
Presentations in the comfort and privacy of your home or office



Purchasing art on the client’s behalf negotiating the best price
Renting artworks for the client from available sources
Commissioning artists to do site-specific works
Framing design of the highest quality to provide optimum protection
Professional transportation and installation for correct and safe placement of art
Documentation of artworks in a written standardized form with digital images



Educational presentations and lectures, both formal and informal
Appraisal of the current value of the art collection
Maintenance and rotation of the art collection
Resale of artwork



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